Library Management Software

Paatham Library Management System is a smart way to manage a library more efficiently. From acquisition of materials, books and periodicals in the library to its cataloguing and maintenance, the school can manage these tasks effectively. The software helps you manage print materials like books, journals and magazines along with the non print materials like CD, DVD, E-Journal, etc.


  • Acquisition of books and periodicals with barcode system
  • Digital Accession Register and other catalogs
  • An effective tracking system with any keyword in book acquisition form
  • User-friendly for librarian and other stakeholders
  • Speedy and multiple issue-return mechanism (class wise, student wise etc.) with barcode and membership card
  • Students, parents, teachers and management can search, read and check status of books online
  • Student’s Library accounts status available online for parents and students.
  • Students can search books online & can track the location of book and availability of book from home only.
  • It removes manual process of issuing books by easy and simplified way of issuing book saving time and effort.
  • Display of newly added books.
  • Real-time data synchronization with school library.
  • Storage hint mechanism to save time.
  • File Management and many more.