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The Technology in the education is bringing a change within the global education market. From Online Courses to Online Examinations, each circle of learning has modified. Therefore, schools and colleges are currently thinking beyond the classroom teaching. This alteration has also resulted in conducting online exams through an Online Exam Software.

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You only need one platform

With Paatham Online Exam Software, you just need to use one platform to create everything from midterm and end of the year exams to short tests. The same software can be used for lengthy final exams and shorter midterm quizzes can also be used for other tests and polls you want to administer throughout the year for formative assessment.

Include questions of all types

Generate your own questions of varying types, or utilize the Paatham virtual tool kit and library to pull questions in your respective area of learning to devise a comprehensive exam for students. Questions come in arrangements like multiple choice, word answer, numerical answer, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank so you can create an exam with our Online Exam Software

Automated attendance on every online exam

In order to take an Online Exam using Paatham platform one need not to be physically present at school location, Paatham allows conducting exam at your home location. Teachers can pre plan and add examinations into the system along with questions for upcoming days or weeks.

No worries about cheating

Paatham Online Exam Software does not entertain cheatings in exams. The secure Paatham Test online exam software and browser can analyse and recognize irregular browser movements and potential cheating, and lock the student out of the test, giving you an opportunity to audit.

Simple exam creation

Make summative assessment exams in minutes using Paatham web-based online exam software. Include your own questions,or questions from the Paatham. Having real-time insights into your teaching, and student learning, enables you to re-focus, and better work toward helping students achieve success.

No manual calculations needed

Rather than have to spend your time grading exams using paper or pens, or trying to organize Scantrons, Paatham online exam software allows you get the tabulated results immediately, helping you focus on assessing and analysing them either on your own and with students.


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