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Inventory Management Software

Paatham School Inventory Management Software takes care of your institute’s purchase orders, goods’ invoices, in-house stock management, detailed asset reports, obsolete equipment tracking, and other assets tracking. This robust system minimizes the possibility of losing or theft of school expensive property, additionally makes the monitoring more convenient and accurate for the asset manager.

  • Completely customizable system
  • Use Paatham on your desktop, tablet or any mobile devices
  • Track inventory across multiple locations
  • Set low stock alerts or date reminders

School Inventory Management Made Fast & Easy

Highly customizable – Administrators can track equipment based on a variety of fields such as classroom assignment, school assignment, student assignment, serial number, check-in/check-out status, and condition

Rapid check in/out – Items can be quickly checked in and out to students and staff by simply scanning the QR code and picking the person name from the list. The transaction is logged and available so assets can be tracked down and checked back in at the end of the school year or semester.

Track assets by location – Items can be traced easily with a keyword and get all the information related to it.

Learn Our School Inventory Management System in Minutes

Sortly is a visual inventory system perfect for teachers, administrators and schools. It enables you to capture all your schools assets and any of their important details for a more effective (and less maddening) way to stay on top of your school inventory anytime, anywhere.

  • Bulk Add inventory using spreadsheets
  • Export and share CSV or PDF files with others
  • Easily generate inventory reports
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