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Paatham is the one stop solution for all schools type, it ensure smooth functioning of the academic process and provides great learning experience. Paatham provides an integrated platform for all entities like students, faculties & school administrators to work together efficiently.


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School Management Software And E-Learning App

Paatham is one of the best school management software and e-learning app that provides a one-stop solution for all types of school requirements like attendance management, fee management, hostel management, transportation management etc. Paatham modules utilize diversion based, thematic learning approach for junior students and various leveled, layered and versatile methodology for senior students. The learning arrangements are conveyed through powerful innovation, making learning process simple, viable and engaging.

Comprehensive Informatics Practices Through Multimedia Presentation

The ‘Learn’ segment contains solutions arrangements, which assist understudies with exploring an idea through engaging and interactive multimedia modules. These modules have been intended to bring out the soul of the request and make ideas remarkably clear!

This feature include the following services

For 8 to 10 (Senior)

  • Lesson Talk Tales
  • Quick Study
  • Word Stock
  • Vocabulary Building (ASL)
  • Guidelines
Practice and Perfect the Concepts through Interactive Exercises

'Practice' guarantees that the ideas presented in 'Learn' are comprehended and solidified in a youngster's psyche. An assortment of apparatuses is influenced accessible to empower emphasis and thusly to fortify comprehension and maintenance.

This feature include the following services
Evaluate and Assess your Progress through Online Tests

Paatham solidly trusts in the reasoning of effective learning exchange being substantiated with high evaluations. Persistent, steady and incessant exam practices are subsequently, important to guarantee preparation, certainty and achievement in a learning framework.

'Test,' a definitive element in the LPT worldview is an accumulation of apparatuses solely formulated for self-assessment and finding out scores.

It includes distinctive kinds of appraisals, which guarantee most astounding standard of preparation to confront the exams. Under this stage, students additionally get presented to a virtual simulation of examination condition, along these lines limiting pressure and uneasiness related with tests.

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