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William Smith

As a first year teacher, I felt extremely supported by the staff. I also felt confident that I would be given room to grow as an educator. It feels great to be part of a group that takes meaningful steps towards turning our philosophy and values into action!


The community here is astounding and there are always people willing to support you in anything you need. It can be overwhelming as a new hire but also exciting because you know you'll be joining a family.


Paatham tutorial App is superb. Its awesome for students. Its so teachful app. Students like it so much. Its amazing app for all. So useful.


Language arts

The world of books and stories is presented very early, in all the languages that we provide. Through stages, we improve reading and language abilities step by step, so that by the time children are about four, they’re reading at levels generally thought to be suitable for five or six-year-olds.


Writing skills are developed initially through a ton of tactile play, art, manipulating natural materials and progress through more traditional techniques. Our project-based learning approach coordinates writing into the program.


A facility with numbers and love for math is created through games – development, water play, role play and much else, through all levels. All fun and games, but our four-year-old can cheerfully do basic expansion and subtraction,additionally counting in 5s and 10s – things needed for much older kids!

Self expression

Our Arts and Music programs encourage children to act naturally and express their ideas through different media and materials. Each school has an Art Studio, and music facilities and that they are integrated into the core part of our program.

Science and technology

Through experimentation, questioning, and interacting with the climate, kids are exposed to the natural world and some of the scientific principles that underpin it. Our solid innovation program presents algorithmic reasoning, coding, utilization of technology and much else.

Public speaking and confidence

It’s truly about the ability to stand up in front of other children and talk about something – a favorite toy, or what they did on vacation. We assist kids building up their confidence, and we also have our drama program, which is utilized for our two annual exhibitions.

Logic and reasoning

Science, math, problem solving and much else relies upon building up a strong ability to reason, and an understanding of logic. Through games, role play, stories and psychological tests, we improve kids' abilities to think logically and tackle issues.

Understanding of the world

Our theme-based program introduces children to various aspects of the world around them every day, giving them a developing appreciation and comprehension of themselves, their environment and the people around them.

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